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Re: must....control...primal ...urge....

Phil collins represents the absolute worst of 80s music
And he ruined genesis.

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Subject: must....control...primal ...urge....
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and NOT go after Phil with a gun.... WTF???!!!!

Yeah, there were warts...but one of the biggest ones was, hey lookit me 
I'm Phil Collins!!!!

suck wad...

> Phil Collins <http://www.last.fm/music/Phil+Collins+>was asked in an 
> interview by Spin magazine this week about playing with Led Zeppelin 
> <http://www.last.fm/music/Led+Zeppelin> in 1985. ?It wasn?t amazing to 
> be there. They weren?t very good. And I was made to feel a little 
> uncomfortable by the dribbling Jimmy Page. If I could have walked off, 
> I would have ? but then we?d be talking about why Phil Collins walke?d 
> off from Led Zeppelin. So I just stayed there and bit my tongue.