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Re: Page/Plant 1995-10-21 Hartford CT

This show was a milestone for me! I got to meet Jimmy for the 1st time just 
before the show (in his dressing room) where he signed my Presence CD cover and 
my Martin mandolin. he even played a few C and G chords on it and said, "This 
is a very nice instrument"  :)
My buddy and I were in the 4th row for the show and can be seen clearly on the 
video during Black Dog, singing the echo of "Ah -ah, Ah-ah". 
This was my fourth show of six total on that tour and the best one I thought at 
that. I saw Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Hartford, Boston, and Salt Lake.  I do 
have a great audience DAT master copy from Terry Stevenson around somewhere in 
the archives. Does anyone know if Terry's recordings were the ones used for 
many of the boots for this tour?