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Re: Page/Plant 1995-10-21 Hartford CT

I used to have both of the Hartford shows. I may still on disks somewhere. 
But I am sure they are out there, in complete form. somewhere.



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>  There is a sbd fragment (4 songs I think) of this show that circulates. 
> Perhaps more, but I know a min of 4 songs.
> On 8/12/2010 4:18 PM, Wyatt Brake wrote:
>> http://zeppelinart.com/browse.asp?dir=page-plant%2F1995%2F1995-10-21+hartford
>> Listening to this show today - it is one hell of a concert.  Nice
>> recording, and great performance.
>> - very strong vocals and fluid guitar on Since I've Been Loving You
>> - Plant throws in lyrics from All My Love during the 'improv' spot of
>> Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
>> - lines from It's a Man's World included in a somewhat unique version
>> of Whole Lotta Love
>> - this is the show where Plant says "Stairway - Denied!" before they
>> play Black Dog