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Re: GTLO in Alantic City

I am not a fan of the '77 Battle of Evermores but I'm not a big '77 tour 
fan at all.  And I never said that live versions were better than studio 
versions.  That is not my point.  My point is that I like the 
spontaneity and improvisation of live music, warts and all, better than 
studio music.  And that's what I want to see when I go to see live 
music, not recreations of studio recordings.

On 8/9/2010 2:50 PM, Richard Mackey wrote:
> Scott,
> Each to their own, but your comment below really does surprise me.  Do
> you think that the live recordings we have of Battle of Evermore, Four
> Sticks and When The Levee Breaks are better than the studio versions?
> I certainly don't.
> To extend the argument further, what about tracks like Ramble On, In
> The Light and Carouselambra that they never did live?  You're
> overlooking some key songs...
> Richard
> On 8 August 2010 14:20, Scott Moffett<sem3@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>> I saw them once and I just couldn't get into because they played the album
>> versions.  Led Zeppelin was an improvisational jam band live and that is
>> what I want to hear if I see a cover band.  I have only played a Led
>> Zeppelin studio album a handful of times in 30 years since I started
>> collecting their live recordings.  I listen to Led Zeppelin constantly but
>> it is all live and since the days of bit torrent, I only listen to live
>> recordings of other bands too.  I can't remember the last time I played a
>> studio album of anybody.