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Re: zeppelin-digest V12 #4192

"listen to Stairway when he tries to go up on 'here comes a lady we all know'
- - - his voice breaks badly.  The downtuning of the 02 show really gave him

Truth be told, after 1971 he rarely even went for those notes, and the list of 
instances where Robert's voice breaks during the Zep days is vast.  Listen to 
the version of Stariway in TSRTS, for instance.  Even with the downtuning, 
Robert was bold for even trying those notes at the O2.  I'm not saying his 
performance at the O2 was flawless, but that wouldn't be what I'd point out to 
be an example of a low point.  I think the way he kind of half-sung Black Dog 
would be a better example.  The whole thing of pointing the mic at the audience 
is a cliche' copout.  The way he's been singing half of the chorus in Ramble On 
since the P/P days is also disappointing.  However, he did great on Kashmir and 
ended great with WLL (which were both in the original keys).