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RE: zeppelin-digest V12 #4192

<<<Singing Zep though, @ the 02
listen to Stairway when he tries to go up on 'here comes a lady we all know'
- - - his voice breaks badly.  The downtuning of the 02 show really gave him

Actually, he sang that section better than most post '72 Zeppelin gigs.  He 
usually didn't 
even go for that note in the 70s, didn't try for it in '85 or '88, and at least 
at O2 he got a piece of it, even if it was down a step.  But he hit that same 
note (D) for several seconds at the end of Rock and Roll.  That's the 
same high note as in 'Over the Hills' that he always had trouble hitting, and
there he was standing on it for quite awhile at the end of the night.