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RE: O2 Reunion was "heavy" for Robert

I don't necessarily think he was being negative, my view of this is that he
was just overwhelmed by the enormity, the impact, the emotion of it all.  It
had to be an incredibly high for all the members and it probably triggered
unexpected emotions, memories, and yes, even demons.

Obviously just my speculation.  But I prefer to view this in a positive

Pam F.

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Pamela Ford wrote-
> Interesting insight into the impact
> of the O2 reunion on Robert.
> ka-after-led-zeppelin-reunion_1156990

Would it kill the guy to just say something positive about Zeppelin
endeavors? "O2 was tonsa fun, playing some of the old hits was a blast and
'For Your Life' was phenomenal, I was concerned about that one to be
perfectly honest and overall I think Ahmet would've loved it".

Frankly, I'd prefer that to crap like "the... ah, GIG was just so... well, I
had to drink half a bottle of vodka afterward, put it that way."

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