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Thinking Out Loud

It has been a strange day. Genesis debited  my third payment for the Jimmy 
Page book.That means to me, it is ready. Jimmy  Page.com starts taking 
registrations for his new website. Robert Plant finishes  his 12 show tour of 
U.S.In the Band of Joy EPK, on YouTube, he admits that  Led Zeppelin III 
was an influence for the new album. Jonesy appears to be  between projects? 
I would like to know why JPP has been so  accommodating pertaining to 
Plant's setlist, especially Tangerine.
If  Page has some big project for this fall, he would have announced it to 
alleviate  the betrayal. IMHO. I think he is talking about his book. I know 
I would be  pissed if my mate was bastardizing my song. 
Personally, I think Jimmy  has nothing but outtakes. We know there were 5 
songs leftover from  Coverdale/Page. See Wiki. The O2 rehearsals. Some riffs 
from IMGL and NetAid. I  love the guy, but I feel he has lost his ambition. 
More the pity for a man who  can create magic. Sigh!! I can only pray I am