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Re: Plant / BoJ article in today's Montreal Gazette

When I clicked on link said page not found :(  I think he's suggesting with 
that quote that he can pull the strings - namely Jimmy's!

?Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 17:35:07 -0400
From: TangerineMan <tangerineman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Plant / BoJ article in today's Montreal Gazette

Syndicated piece (Sacramento-based McClatchy Newspapers), so it will  
have run in a bunch of other papers in N. America, but I haven't seen  
a link to it on this list, so...


More "I could summon the Hammer of the Gods anytime but I'm having  
too much fun with this latest trip" comments:

"I know exactly which buttons to press to make all that come back,"  
he says. "Sometimes I get the old metal polish out and polish up bits  
of gold. But not often."

I suppose that could refer to the handful of Zep tunes in his current  
sets, or to sharing the stage with his old mates once every few