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LZ and my dentist...

With my 6-month checkup coming up this afternoon, I'm reminded of a story my 
dentist told me a few years back: 

First off, when I started going to him I noticed he had lots of cool 
paintings/photos/portraits on the wall of musicians (Clapton, Beck, Marley, 
Keith Richards, Lennon, etc), and lots of cool rock stuff playing throughout 
the office (not the usual Michael McDonald stuff you hear at most dentists). 

He was checking out my teeth one time, and a LZ song came on (I can't remember 
which) and I was grooving to it (surely you all are familiar with the 
yet-to-be-named condition in which you MUST move in time with the music when a 
Zeppelin song comes on, regardless of the circumstance). He said 
"Are you a Zeppelin fan?" I said, "Um, yeah, probably the biggest you'll ever 
meet." He said "OH! Hold on! I'll be right back" and he dashed out of the room, 
mid-examination. He came back a minute later with a tape recorder, and told me 
this story. He said that Plant was on a solo tour years ago, and apparently got 
a really bad toothache. A local Atlanta rock station was sponsoring the tour, 
and my dentist happened to advertise a ton on their station. So, when they 
caught wind of Plant's toothache, they called the dentist. Being a huge classic 
rock fan, he of course dropped everything he was doing (it was over the 
weekend) and agreed to meet Plant at his office. He treated Plant for the 
toothache, and told him he didn't want payment, he just wanted Plant to record 
a voiceover for a future advertisement. In true Plant fashion, he made up a 
commercial right on the spot. I don't remember the exact words, but it was 
something to the effect of: 

"Hello, this is Robert Plant - when my tooth starts a-howling, the only man I 
call is Dr. Abbott at Dental TLC!" 

It was much funnier than that, but for the life of me I can't remember exactly 
what it was. It was similar to one of his mid-concert Plantations, though, if 
that gives you some idea! 

Below is a link to a picture Dr. Abbott had made to commemorate the moment (I 
hope this link works) 


My dentist said he saw an instant influx of patients after the commercial began 
airing, and he said probably half of them admitted they came in because they 
just wanted to hear the story of how he came to meet Plant. He said Plant was 
as nice as he could be, and that he had everyone in the office in stitches the 
whole time making wisecracks and telling funny stories. I would give my molars 
to have been there!