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Re: Recent Press for RP & Band of Joy

I have been listening to the couple of shows that we all have torrented by now 
Im sure... It seems that the show I went to was a lot tighter, I mean a LOT 
tighter.There were no jitters, it seemed as though everyone was comfortable 
their position, all the time.
I?may be repeating myself, but the man is happy. It seems as though he is 
genuinely content with the?musical direction he has taken, and from what?I saw, 
as much as we want a reunion, I dont see it comin.?
There should be a pretty good recording of this coming, the guy in front of me 
held the mic up in front if his chest for the entire show, IM talkin he didnt 
move! I had to scream Acupulco of course, make sure I get on the recording!!!
Where is that recording dude?? anyone that into Plant must be on FBO!!!!

Christopher Leone

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Chris Leone wrote:

> During Thank You it seemed as though he was singing to someone directly in 
>front of the stage, all smiles toward her, and he congragulated her fiancee at 
>the end, truns out the guy was on his knee proposing during the song...

Awwwwwww...that just makes me all weepy.? what a coincidence considering the 
recent thread. ; )

> Long live the MALLET OF THE GODS.......
> Christopher Leone
OMG...whew...for a second I thought you said Mullet!!!!

Thanks for writing in.