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Re: LZ checking out the O2

Apparently, Elton's sound mixer knew how to avoid feedback!

  Aug 4, 2010 05:38:45 AM, stevethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    >An interesting account of pre-O2 band activity:
    >Then promoter Harvey Goldsmith took them to see Sir Elton John
    at the O2. David
    >Campbell, president and CEO of AEG Europe, the company behind
    the venue - tells
    >CelebrityAccess.com, "We were going through (the venue) with the
    band, and
    >Mr. Page said, 'I bet it doesn't sound any good up there ..' So,
    >all of them, as well as Harvey and myself, we took the elevator
    up to Level 4 to
    >go to the very top of the building to have a listen.
    >"Someone held the elevator, and we were sort of standing there
    >for them to go. They just put their thumbs up, and sort of
    smiled at each other.
    >That's when Harvey and I knew that this was going to be OK.
    Then, John Paul
    >Jones started running up and down the stairs; and that was it.