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Re: Recent Press for RP & Band of Joy

He is beyond a shadow of a doubt, enjoying what he is doing. It was kick ass, 
from begining til end, I didnt see anyone sitting down, and the stage was 
The sound was great, the weather was just?a bit below uncomfortable, and?Robert 
Plant is a true Star. He took that genre and made it his,and all this talk of 
country, blugrass, whatever you want to call it, he rocked it out, all of?it.
I thought it was some sort of an act when he put?his head down before "house of 
cards", but?after the song, he admitted to forgeting the title!! During Thank 
You it seemed as though he was singing to someone directly in front of the 
stage, all smiles toward her, and he congragulated her fiancee at the end, 
out the guy was on his knee proposing during the song...
The guy is exactly what we?on this list expect from him, he walks out and his 
presence overwhelms, yet his humility shows as he moves to the back row to 
he loves what he is doing, there is no way around it, I would say it was a TEN 
all round..
Wish I had pics, I managed three of me in front?of the stage, then the camera 
took a dump...figures!?
we did stop at hard rock casino on the way out of there though, and made out 
quite well, enough to pay for the trip and a new camera!!!

Long live the MALLET OF THE GODS.......

Christopher Leone

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I was really hoping to see some of FBO's fodder post up some of their reviews 
and thoughts of these shows...

c'mon I know you were there?!

Here's a review with a monicker I haven't heard used for Plant before!

>? Prior to Raising Sand, I found it inconceivable that Plant could make the 
>shift in styles. With Band of Joy, he's quickly escalated up the ladder to 
>become a crossover country master. 

Let the music be your Master...

Master Master..

reaching for Metallica cd...

Wyatt Brake wrote:
> Found on http://www.robertplant.com :
> http://www.robertplant.com/press/robert-plant-band-of-joy-at-the-woodlands/
> http://www.robertplant.com/press/robert-plant-band-of-joy-at-stubbs/