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Dazed and Confused about Zeppelin II, RL version SD 8236

Led Zeppelin II the 'holy grail' RL remaster version. 

I have read some threads on the hoffman website, and read some comments here in 
the past.

A couple of questions.

Has anybody compared this famous RL master to the Mothership vinyl? I am 

Also I pulled my old LZ II vinyl out and I do have a SD 8236 but is not an RL. 
STA-A-69171-J with an HT set off to the side.. side 2 is all the same but with 
I have another vinyl LZ II that is SD 19127.. 1977 on the wax..

I ask this because of the ebay.. I lost out on a RL version in the last 2 
seconds last night... anyway the SD 8236 version I have vs the SD 8236 RL.. AND 
the 1841 Broadway address on the lable... should there be much difference? I 
understand from my reading that there is a difference between the SD 8236 and 
the SD 19127... but.. I am confused and want to know if I should spend the $ to 
try and get a hold of a true RL version... 

I know my original vinyl I bought in 69 or 70.. but has a Gold Record sticker 
on the cover and sounds pretty good, but it was played A LOT..
so.. am i wasting my $ and time to find this RL version when I obviously have a 
very early pressing, just not the RL..????

Dazed and Confused about LZ II...