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Re: Re: Dr. Ebbetts + the morality of pirating

 I understand your reasoning and think having bought the music several
  times already it's legitimate.   But I have to wonder how artists of
  all stripes are supposed to survive given the prevailing attitude you
  mention.  It's available on line for download, therefore, I download
  it - yippee, free stuff!  That's no different in my mind than
  wandering into a store and slipping a book or CD in your pants.

  But then, I'm a person who buys hard cover books from my favorite
  authors when they come out new, because I believe they deserve to
  make a living off their work.  The social unit of exchange is my
  dollars for their art or entertainment... are we headed back to the
  old days of artists needing to sell their souls to patrons to be able
  to produce anything?  In our world the patrons are giant soulless
  corporations, and that model has gone a long way to ruining the music


  To dare, to will, to remain silent is magic...

  Feb 27, 2009 12:22:47 PM, zbird@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Your opinion is noted...
    I happen to see it in a different light though. I did pay for the
    CD version
    but mine is gone now. No idea where it went. I run a tight ship
    when it
    comes to my music. All my studio discs are in alphabetical and
    order for the most part. I don't loan out discs as they never
    seem to make
    it back into my collection. I assume someone decided to take my
    copy. Why
    should I shell out more of my hard earned bucks to replace it?
    Plus from
    what I have been reading all the new releases do not sound as
    good as the
    originals. So here is a way to get a copy back I already paid for
    3 times at
    least, and will sound better to boot. If Led Zeppelin would
    re-release all
    their studio albums in some form that beats anything that is and
    available before..... I would buy them. But until that happens I
    am quite
    satisfied with these Dr. Ebbetts releases of the first four
    albums. I did a
    side by side comparison of I and II and III and they are
    definitely better
    sounding than the ones I paid for. Quality matters to me more
    than loyalty.
    And I feel no guilt whatsoever. LOL I did my share to help make
    Led Zeppelin
    to be able to sit in comfort and not have to worry about how they
    are going
    to pay their mortgage from month to month. (unlike myself)
    I do hold your values for the most part though. I don't download
    albums I
    don't already own as a rule. I feel the band worked hard to make
    it and I
    should support them if I want that album. But then MP3's sorta
    ruined all
    that years ago IMO. I know of almost NO ONE who feels this way I
    meet in my
    travels. Everyone DL's music they want and almost never buys the