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RE: Dr. Ebbetts

What about buying used copies off ebay, etc.? The artist doesn't see
anything from that. Once that 80's CD was sold once there really is no
difference in terms of the artist's compensation if you buy it second-hand,
copy it from a friend or find it in the street. If I were going to download
in lieu of buying an available commercial release I would agree with you,
but I buy the available stuff and download the unavailable stuff. The artist
is not losing a sale from me and I would suspect I am one of their better

I would also note if one wants to be black and white about this the same
would apply to bootlegs. 

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Hi Dan!

I must respectfully disagree with your position.  I, too, am bothered
sometimes about the amount of money I pay for repackaged items from the
band.  I cannot count the number of different commercial releases of
Communition Breakdown in my collection.

However these guys made this art, which value is truly beyond monetary
measure.  They put their hearts, blood, souls, and entire being into
these wonderful things, and I believe they have every right to be
compensated for their contribution.  If we chose not to pay, our choice
should not be to download, it should be to refrain from listening at all
or to listen to the other versions we own.

Just my humble opinion.  A great and happy Friday to all of FBO!


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I did that once for CD..... Once for LP.....Once for cassette...Once for
4 CD best of one that has the crop circles on it... hmmmm maybe thats
They got enough of my money over the years :)
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> Or you can just buy the legitimate commercial release! ; )
> zbird@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I just bought a used JVC 200 Disc CD Player the other day. This thing
>> pretty cool. You can put in 200 CD's and enter the name of each CD so

>> it's easy to find what you want to listen to. It's like having a
>> sorta.
>> Anyway the first CD's I decided to put in the thing were all the LZ 
>> albums. I got to IV and discovered my copy is gone! All my LZ CD's
>> bought back when they first were issued in the 80's. I'm not sure if 
>> that's a good thing or bad thing but that's what they are/were. So I 
>> decided to go to Demonoid and grab me a replacement of IV. I know
>> posted here about the Dr. Ebbetts release of I and II and now there
>> III and IV there as well.
>> Fast DL too! I just started both of them before I started typing this
>> IV is done already and III is 80%. :)
>> Dan