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In or near Knaresborough, UK? Get out and support Bonzo's sister tonight

Just saw this on a Google alert and thought I'd throw in a plug for Deborah 
Bonham, Bonzo's younger sister and vocalist extraordinaire! (in fact, I still 
think she'd be the best choice for vocalist for the J's). 

She'll be appearing at the Frazer Theatre in Knaresborough tonight and some 
tickets are still available.

I've heard both Deborah's albums and can attest that her vocals are tremendous. 
She's got an authentic, bluesy vibe and a warm presence to her voice that's 
quite compelling. For a treat, search on Youtube for her duet with nephew Jason 
on Battle of Evermore for a radio show a few years back. It will truly get your 
spine a shivering! (I'm at work and Youtube is blocked or I'd find the link for 

Here's the article:
from: http://tinyurl.com/ar3gu6

Published Date: 27 February 2009
By Staff Copy
THERE are still a few tickets available for tonight's gig at the Frazer Theatre 
in Knaresborough.

Vocalist Deborah Bonham, sister of the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John 
Bonham, takes to the stage with support act, new talent Roger Davies from 

Doors open from 7pm and tickets priced £15 can be bought on the door.

Organiser, John Haxby from Kula Productions has also announced the show is 
being recorded for later radio broadcast.