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Re: The first song...( LZC)

Wantong Song

On 2/25/09, Kip Bilderback <KBilderback@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Did you say, "Yute"?
> Kip
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> Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 3:13 PM
> To: Nech; zeppelin
> Subject: Re: The first song...( LZC)
> I vote for The Rover.
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> From: "Nech" <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 12:52 PM
> To: "zeppelin" <zeppelin@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: The first song...( LZC)
>> OK, in just a couple of hours I'm putting my trusty Jeep to pasture
> and
>> am picking up my new ride.
>> Gone is my Alpine cassette deck / CD changer and in is some high
>> faluting 6 cd changer XM radio yada yada...
>> SO, with what should I Christen my new stereo ?
>> I'm thinking as it was 40 years ago, the first song in my new car
> should
>> be GTBT.  I *think* that's the first thing I cranked in my old car's
>> system.  After all, in my world, my car has always been my "man cave"
>> where I would retreat to in both Good Times and Bad Times...
>> I am going to seriously miss my Jeep. 12 years of my life were spent
>> tooling around in that beast. From the Artic colds of Canada, to the
>> sweltering  heat of urban jungles, from city streets to country  river
>> beds my Jeep Cherokee Sport has served me well. Unlike the suburban
>> housewives' SUV's this was trully treated like a sport and utility
>> vehicle. River Deep Mountain High. Hmmmmm There's a good parting song
> if
>> I don't say so myself. I'm not too proud to say that yes, I had a good
>> cry last night taking off my roof bike racks and cleaning her out. But
>> it is time to go as I can no longer keep up the maintenance required
> to
>> keep it and me safe on the road. I hope she makes some enterprising
> yute
>> happy for a couple of more years before succumbing to the scrap heap.
>> You cannot kill a good ol slant 6. Too bad everything surrounding it
> is
>> going down ...fast. : (  Long live the Nech-Mobile!