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Re: The first song...( LZC)

Ahh ... GTBT sounds like the most appropriate choice.  Then again, 'Ramble
On' is quite appropriate, as you ramble onward along life's meandering roads
in your new motor.  Although Trampled Underfoot is the most obviously
automotive-themed Zep track, maybe not if the kids are with you on your
first drive!

Whatever you choose, Nech ... enjoy your new car.  Now your next big
decision will be which 6 CDs to put in your autochanger!


2009/2/25 Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> OK, in just a couple of hours I'm putting my trusty Jeep to pasture and am
> picking up my new ride.
> Gone is my Alpine cassette deck / CD changer and in is some high faluting 6
> cd changer XM radio yada yada...
> SO, with what should I Christen my new stereo ?
> I'm thinking as it was 40 years ago, the first song in my new car should be
> GTBT.  I *think* that's the first thing I cranked in my old car's system.
>  After all, in my world, my car has always been my "man cave" where I would
> retreat to in both Good Times and Bad Times...
> I am going to seriously miss my Jeep. 12 years of my life were spent
> tooling around in that beast. From the Artic colds of Canada, to the
> sweltering  heat of urban jungles, from city streets to country  river beds
> my Jeep Cherokee Sport has served me well. Unlike the suburban housewives'
> SUV's this was trully treated like a sport and utility vehicle. River Deep
> Mountain High. Hmmmmm There's a good parting song if I don't say so myself.
> I'm not too proud to say that yes, I had a good cry last night taking off my
> roof bike racks and cleaning her out. But it is time to go as I can no
> longer keep up the maintenance required to keep it and me safe on the road.
> I hope she makes some enterprising yute happy for a couple of more years
> before succumbing to the scrap heap. You cannot kill a good ol slant 6. Too
> bad everything surrounding it is going down ...fast. : (  Long live the
> Nech-Mobile!