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3WK radio

Thanks Nech for the great tip! I've been listening to 3WK radio for a
couple of days and I have to admit I'm hooked!

The fine thing is that even the classic rock section has much more
songs than those we have heard a million times before. That said, I
have of course nothing against the good ol' Zep or Who song from time
to time... :)

And the indie section has been great too: I have discovered some new
interesting bands like Deerhunter... and thanks to the new Spotify
music library service I've been able to learn more about the band's


> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 15:05:05 -0500
> From: Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Phasors on Stun (was Re: The crap that is FBO...)
> I was strictly refering to the covered face routine/shtick! : )
> Musically they are polar opposites.
> And that's the beauty of FBO... we can all disagree without agreeing : )
> Have I mentioned to everyone yet that I've been addicted to 3WK
> Underground classic radio on the net?!
> Listening for a whole week solid to outrageusly cool tunes and have YET
> to hear a repeat.  Has made my miserable week at work worth the effort.
> In no way affiliated with the station, just thought for folks sick of
> terrestial radio this is a great thing.  HEll, anyplace that has
> Headboys on their artist list is cool by me.  Another 1 hit wonder band
> who's "Shape of Things to Come" is on my desert island playlist.  And
> even though Zep, Stones Who and other big guns aren't listed they are
> played... just not the everyday tunes iykwim
> http://classic.3wk.com/player/last5.php
>  hit the click to hear classic rock link you'll be glad you did. And
> their indie plalist is most interesting as well.