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Re: Interesting day today

I'm sure I've mentioned it here many times, but for 21+ years now I have been working with a guy who saw Zep at all the Fillmore East shows, Carnegie and blew off Woodstock to go see them in Asbury Park instead. And you wonder why I consider him my best friend at work! Alas, he too has very dim memories of events that transpired so long ago save for a couple of observations and a good memory of Joe Cocker being miffed at them walking in late on his set in Asbury. They were second row and after Joe ended whatever number he was doing he glared down at them with his Madog Englishman stare and uttered something like "Good Evening Latecomers" His other favorite observation was how he found it funny to see a guy weilding a violin bow on a guitar in Carnegie. And yes, I have burned him all shows except those Holy Grails that are Carnegie and Asbury.

..dr4gonlady@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Ha, ha! I love it when that happens. The funniest I had, was meeting some friend's of my dad's. I usually have nothing in common with them as my dad and I are very different (I love him muchly of course). And around the end of the meal, I mention Zepp for whatever reason and one of dad's golfing buddies says: "Oh yes I saw them in Montreux in 1970" !!! I almost fell off my chair! Needless to say I spent the rest of the evening in deep conversation with the man, he saw all sorts of cool concerts and was surprised that someone my age would be into "his" music! I also burned him a copy of said concert!

Frank a écrit :

Well because I work in a gambling venue we have security everywhere. This morning one of the guards came back into the kitchen to unlock so a delivery could be brought in. As usual, I start my day by plugging in my iPod dock and putting the iPod on Shuffle and hitting play. The first tune to sound out was "I'm a Man" from the Yardbirds Anderson Theater show. This security guard turned to look at the iPod and smiled. He asked me what that song was. I told him it was The Yardbirds recorded at the Anderson Theater in April of 1968. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Really? I was there"! I asked, "You were at the Yardbirds Anderson Theater show?" He nodded and said he was. He lived in NYC back in the late 60's and said in '68, '69, and '70 he spent every weekend at either the Anderson or the Fillmore East. So my next question was, "Did you see Led Zeppelin at the Fillmore?" To that he answered no, but he did say that he saw them in Florida in 1969. I asked, "Miami?" He said Yes it was in Miami. So I'm burning him a copy of both shows and he is going to burn me a disk of what he called, "very obscure British blues and R&B bands of that time". Oh yeah, I did ask him what he remembered about the show and he laughed and said, "not much, it's pretty fuzzy". I can just imagine why. LMAO Anyway, I thought it was a very cool way to start to my day by meet someone who was at that show!"
I'll be picking his brain a lot from now on.