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Re: Facebook = FBO, Led Zeppelin groups

Their latest user agreement has certainly kept me from posting up anything
up there much. And as with any of these facebooks, myspaces...etc...etc...I
would NEVER put anything persoanl on there, just the basics of male, homo
sapiens, planet earth.

As far as FBO & facebook...nah....  Personally I think I would keep them
separate as the friends I've connected with there are not necessarily LZ
heads.  Of course if someone wants to start one up so people can place a
face to a name, I won't say no to that. Afterall for awhile we used to have
an FBO family tree where people did post up their picture and a short bio.

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There's an "unofficial" ledzeppelin.com Facebook group. Don't know
about any FBO groups. I quit using Facebook after the company admitted
giving personal details of users to marketing companies.


2009/2/22 Angela Ragonese <rambleonangie@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> I joined facebook and wanted to know if FBO has a group there I can join
and also if there is a Led Zeppelin group that you would recommend.  Are
many of you on facebook?  You can search me using Angela Ragonese,
Sacramento, Ca network or angrambles@xxxxxxxxxxxx Maybe see some of you
there :-)
> Thanks,
> Angie