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Re: Led Zeppelin rollercoaster saved from bankruptcy

    Yeah, at $25 million, they got a Hell of a deal! From what I
heard, they said it was worth $400 mill!! You know from the very
beginning, I was wondering how the whole theme park *right in* Myrtle
Beach would fair. For one, the prices seemed prohibitive. I know
before, way back when we first were discussing the park, I mentioned
the ticket prices and somebody else here commented about.........maybe
it was...Six Flag's prices being about the same or more; however, the
Hard Rock Park is........was.....no Six Flags or even a Paramount's
Carowinds.......or.........you know what I mean. In my opinion it had
very little theme park appeal (other than the Zep coaster). I would
and still will pay it though just for the opportunity to ride the
coaster, but high ticket prices or no, I'm not sure that's the best
place for a theme park. Like me, don't most people go to the beach for
fun in the sun and skin in the wind?!? Like I said, if it weren't for
THE coaster, I wouldn't be interested in going to the Hard Rock Park
at all.
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On 2/20/09, Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Whew!!!! I thought it would be gone before I ever got a chance to ride it! I
> still better hurry up...
> > The Led Zeppelin rollercoaster at South Carolina''s Hard Rock Park has
> been saved from bankruptcy and liquidation, with a new ownership group
> stepping in to buy it.
> > According to Contactmusic, FPI MB Entertainment has bought the park for 25
> million dollars.
> > The entertainment website says that the parks new owners are planning to
> re-open it this summer.
> > The previous owners of the park had filed for bankruptcy in September last
> year, just five months after the Myrtle Beach tourist attraction opened and
> Zeppelin''s The Shake, Rattle & Roller Coaster first took a spin. (ANI)
> >
> http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/entertainment/led-zeppelin-rollercoaster-saved-from-bankruptcy_100157508.html

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