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Re: Brits snub Plant!

Well stated Steve. And you are correct, it was just a fact that I stated. 
I for one, will continue to listen with an open ear to anything Robert 
produces, be it with a bluegrass queen, or if it was Michael Jackson, god 
forbid! I would listen to anything any one of the members of Zeppelin puts out, 
because they are my favorite musicians, bar none.
But I am not happy about there being no more,  and I do have opinions on Plants 
refusal to rejoin the other three. 
I think everyone should just agree to disagree, and keep writing what you want 
to write, if some one bashes you on something, oh well, its your opinion, you 
are entitled to it, and to share it if you feel you want to... it gets old 
sometimes, to some people, but eventhose peoples stuff gets old to other 
people, its never gonna change as long as we are free to speak our minds.

Christopher Leone

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Subject: Re: Brits snub Plant!
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Date: Thursday, February 19, 2009, 8:54 AM

Eddie, with all due respect, I agree with Wyatt's response. Your comment
about the list was unfounded. During and since the Grammies, the list was full
of positive comments about Plant (Heck, I even made some). Yet, you seem to
ignore all these and paint FBO is a constant Plant bash-a-thon! Besides, Chris
Leone's comment was a simple neutral  (and factual observation):

"He plays american music now, why would he expect any different?" 

Looks pretty neutral to me. If I had more time and energy, I'd google
around a bit and find a few comments from Plant himself referring to Raising
Sand as American music. Where in this do you see a negative comment about Plant?

Plus, if it seems as if some here go out of their way to post negative comments
about Plant whenever they perhaps at least some of those comments are deserved.
To borrow that time-worn phrase Jimmy liked to use a few years back, "where
there's smoke, there's fire." You can't expect Plant to
denigrate Led Zeppelin as he does from time to time and not have a negative
reaction from some fans. When Nech expressed anger last week at Plant's
presuming to speak for the entire band, I'd say he was justified as the
dedicated Led Zeppelin fan he is. You can't expect Plant to reunite with Led
Zeppelin and do a tremendous show, after which the rest of the band clearly
expresses their willingness and desire to continue working together and then see
Plant spend nine months evading the question and at times hinting that they may
work together, only to squash the hopes of literally millions of people by
announcing he has no intention of working with Led Zeppelin. Some of those
millions are going to be pissed off. Some of those millions are going to be on
fan lists and make comments you may not like. Oceans are big and you can't
hold back the waves you don't like to surf on the waves that please you!

Of course, no one is forcing you to read the list if you find it so difficult.
If you choose to drop the list, it's unfortunate, as you do make good
contributions to FBO, but you can't expect us to be a bunch of nodding
lemmings who will say nothing but nice things. This is not a Backstreet Boys
mailing list! <insert snide remark about Plant's "boy band"
comment here> ;-) If that's the kind of environment you want, go check
out manicnirvana. It's pro-Plant thought-control central! (They even plasted
poor JPJ for daring to say that Robert doesn't want to do loud music
anymore!). Likewise, you can't expect someone like Chris not to make a
perfectly innocent comment stating an obvious fact that Plant himself has voiced
because he might anticipate that you'll misinterpret it as an attack on


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Date: Thursday, February 19, 2009 3:08
Subject: RE: Brits snub Plant!
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> I think the LP wasn't nominated because the selection committee 
> didn't think it warranted an award.  Fair enough.  Who 
> really cares anyway?
> As for FBO, I don't think its a case of good or bad days 
> anymore.  Its changed for the worst, for me, and that's all 
> there is to it.   I can't be bothered to get into 
> another "discussion" with anyone about it but its clearly a list

> that has swayed towards "I'll post a negative comment about 
> Plant whenever I can" style of posts.
> I stop myself from posting almost on a daily basis because I 
> know if I say something, anything about Plant someone will make 
> a slight about him.  
> It's just the same old same old.     
> Eddie