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Re: Robert Plant and Strange Sensations - Soundstage

Inspired by Jonathan's post below, I did some investigating and
discovered that the DVD I owned of Plant's PBS Soundstage performance
(recorded September 16, 2005 in Chicago) was definitely not the best
one available.  I had been disappointed with the matted-widescreen
presentation (a kind of letter-boxed 4:3) and with the AC-3 audio
encoding (no DTS or PCM stereo option).  There was only one bonus
track - Hey Joe.

The UK Region 2 DVD release, available here:
http://tinyurl.com/RPPBSSSUK - features Hey Joe and Bob Dylan's Girl
>From The North Country as bonus tracks from the performance, in
addition to Top of the Pops renditions of Big Log
(broadcast1983.07.28) and 29 Palms (broadcast1993.04.29), music videos
of Morning Dew and 29 Palms, both DTS and PCM stereo audio, and a true
16:9 aspect ratio for the Soundstage show.  I just got my copy, and
it's a vast improvement over the US Region 1 version.

I was able to make my Oppo DVD player into a Region-Free player with a
very simple "hack" posted by someone on Amazon.

I'm pretty sure the 1983 Top of the Pops thing is lip-synced.  Plant's
outfit must be seen to be believed... he's got one of those one-piece
jumpsuits on, with a sweater draped over his shoulders.  I'd take his
androgynous 1970s attire over that any day!  Another note on
appearances - I think the goatee was a good decision for Robert.


On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 8:11 PM, Jonathan Bayer <jonathanbayer@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Anyone have Palladia HD on their cable system? on Palladia at Midnight
> tonight, Robert Plant & Strange Sensations live on Soundstage. I dont think
> ive seen that one before, so im setting my tivo.