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Re: Re: Raising Sand raising the bottom line...



  To dare, to will, to remain silent is magic...

  On Feb 11, 2009, fmiller6@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Priory of Brian???  lol



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    Subject: Re: Raising Sand raising the bottom line...

    > Too bad Percy wouldn't take a cue from Alison and do some
    recording and a
    > small tour with his former band. And I don't mean Strange
    > wildcatfan822@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
    >> I don't think they will do anything until 2010 because Alison
    plans to
    >> record with Union Station this summer, and follow that with a
    small tour.
    >> Or
    >> at least that is what the members of Union Station are telling
    >> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 7:21 PM, Frank <fmiller6@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    >>> There is SOME truth to the anonymous comment on Steve Sauer's
    >>> Rounder
    >>>> is pressuring RP to commit to another huge world tour after
    the next
    >>>> album
    >>>> and he is balking, wanting to do 20 shows max.
    >>> Well, this is still 20 more shows than he said in his
    >>> statement.
    >>> Then
    >>> he said no tours for two years.
    >>> :O)
    >>> Chef