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Random thoughts on the Grammies*

*"Grammys" are your grandmother's things... just mentioning that, a wee pet 
peeve.  :-)

I'm answering several points at once... two days late as per usual.  

First, LOL about the fruit thing.  Oh my god, I was dying there.  Do you think 
there was a straight man in that auditorium who was able to stand up when that 
ended, or did they all have to sit there with their jackets over their laps for 
a bit?

Nech, if a guy sang that he kissed a guy and liked it, well, either he'd be 
Jimi Hendrix in which case it would be a hit ;-) or, it would be a hit in the 
Castro at least...  

Seems that 10 years after Come With Me, mashing up rock, soul and rap or hip 
hop is still the going thing.  I suspect I show my age and lack of hipness, 
here, but got to give Pagey his props on being cool with that then, no matter 
might be said about the results.

Congratulations to Robert, Alison and T-Bone for the sweep.  

I think Alison took a back seat because she's been there, done that and wanted 
Robert to get the full experience.  I too detected some annoyance on her part, 
but I also think I detected Robert wanting to get his hands (and other parts) 
in her tight black dress, mebbe, (no, not to WEAR it) which I took to be the 
possible cause of her annoyance.  Never a dull moment... 

LOL Christopher, a bit too much acid back in the day is a great way to put 
it...  and, laugh my ass off at Colbert, especially how he covered his mouth 
with the phone to hide his laughter.  Me-ow, Stephen! 

I find that my feelings about this are complex.  I am genuinely pleased for 
Robert, it seems this is what he wanted.  It's an accomplishment and it's 
certainly deserved after all he's done as a performer.  

On the other hand, every time he stood in front of the mic to accept another 
little gramophone, of its own accord my middle finger showed itself, revealing 
the worser angels of my nature and my knee-jerk feelings.   Because that's how 
gracious he should have been for the Led Zeppelin Lifetime Achievement award.  
Because he's rejected us Zep heads but feels pretty good about Memphis right 
now.  And because alot of the evening was marketing, aimed largely at young 
people, and yes, taking part is selling out in some ways.  So much bling, 
glitz, glitter, polish, and pure musical "product."  (Well, at least Robert can 
SING, for crying out loud, whether in a straight line or "all twirly.")  

Whoever wrote that Alison is in that collaboration to get more widespread 
notice and sell more records, I think you're right on.  Maybe Robert really 
feels that Zep hardly needs that, and I wouldn't argue with him.   But speaking 
of money and Karma, I don't think any of the members of Zeppelin circa 2007 
would've been doing it for the money.  The O2 show cost them a pretty penney 
I'm sure and the proceeds went to charityl.   None of 'em need it, and I'd bet 
dollars to donuts alot of tour money would go / would have gone to charities. 

Not all of the Grammies were crap - there was Jennifer Hudson, looking right in 
the camera, singing her thanks to her fans (and her colleagues) for pulling her 
through.  Moving and amazing.  That's how it's done. . . not all the egoic 
bullshit Plant is prone to.  "It's not about the fans" - really?  Ask Ms. 

I really loved the Swagga, man.  Good stuff, odd as it was watching a 
nine-months-along Minnie Mouse shaking her booty.

My favorite thing of the whole night was Paul McCartney, complete with Beatles 
hair cut and Hofner bass, doing "17" and sounding like a fucking teenager at 
66.  Come on, everyone, Grohl nailed it, too, bless him.  

Planty you uptight wanker, I actually got up and danced and sang in celebration 
- THAT'S how it's done, as well.  Rock n' Roll will never die, Macca was saying 
loud and clear.  I couldn't help but notice the genuine smiles and the standing 
O after he, his band, and the crowd celebrated that old has been tune with 
sweet nostalgia and current joy.  I also couldn't help but notice that you, 
Alison and T-Bone did not get anything near the same type of response after 
your performance.   

Is it just me, or was there a Rock vs. Pop battle going on?  Down to Samuel L. 
Jackson wearing the rock and roll tee shirt, and U2 Lite (er, Coldplay) 
acknowledgeing they're more lime stone than rock (heh). 

I love what Blink 182 said: "We used to play music together and we decided 
we're going to play music together again.  We like rock music."  I liked that 
so much I actually wrote it down... perhaps it was a message to Mr. Plant that 
life and music are not all that complicated?  And then that teenager (well, he 
looked like one to me) saying Stevie Wonder would be "bringing it on home..."  
I couldn't help but recall Zeppelin used to do that, too.

Overall I agree, it wasn't a bad way to spend a few hours...


To dare, to will, to remain silent is magic... 

On Feb 10, 2009, ceeleone2001@xxxxxxxxx wrote: 

Maybe thats what he needed, for Once to be know as just Robert Plant, and to 
receive accolades for that...... But he was the one who mentioned zep up there 
on stage, post led zeppelin on writing with Jimmy on PRTL....It always comes 
up, one way or another, and its from his mouth, no one else mentioned LZ.... 
I think he took too much acid or sumptin..... 

Christopher Leone 

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Subject: Re: Karma and the Grammys?? 
To: grantburgess2001@xxxxxxxx 
Cc: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx 
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 2:37 PM 

It's one thing to be a guy who has a fan base vs. a guy who has family 
fortunes, real lives & jobs as their base. 

Other than say his direct management people and HighBob , the decisions Plant 
makes do not leave families out in the cold. 

And  it has never been proven that they were offered any sum of money like 
that? If you have it as stated as fact somewhere that he was really offered 200 
million, I'd like to see it. 

I find it amusing that Plant's two faced actions leave you pontificating 
him rather than saying, yes Robert... in a way you have trully sold out. Not 
cash, but for something even worse... uber ego. no ? 

Maybe now that he has been vilified, he has gotten artistic recognition,  
garnered awards and accolades because of him, himself, solo..the artiste in him 
will settle down and he'll return to the  roots of what REALLY put him where 
he is now.... a part of Led Zeppelin. 

No rant, just my ever so choreographed around a fruit ensemble random 
thoughts...  but stuck in a Spinal Tap moment when the banana refuses to work. 

Now tell me, if a dude wrote a song and sang I kissed a guy and I liked it, 
would it be a hit ?