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Re: Grammy's

Actually, got to find the interview ( so many links lately ) I do believe he said they were actually working on *writing* new material together, so hopefully it will not be more of the same. After all how many times can you play that game before someone besides us calls you out on it?!

Another thing I find interesting that I'm surprised noone from the body language camp has mentioned was Alisson's backseat role at these Grammy's. I wonder if it's beginning to wear thin on her this adulation favoring Plant. I mean, it seems like alot of the atention is being placed on how Robert is/was out of his comfort zone...she was just doing what she's always been doing. Think it's grating on her, on her Oh Brother Land fans? How long before they say "Robert, stop pretending you're from Memphis" and get outta here? That is what he said in regards to the new material...We're gonna pretend we're from Memphis... dosen't sound too , oh what's that word...committed.

So for Robert, congrats again, and do hope you can do a quick follow up to catch the wind. I mean, if you think about it...it's already been a year gone gone gone.


zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

If Raising Sand's follow up is just another album of covers, most of them chosen by T-Bone Burnette 
as Plant described last month in interviews, by the time it gets releases the buzz from the Grammy 
wins will have worn off, the novelty of hearing the voice of Black Dog singing "nice 
music" will be gone, so I can see it doing mediocre sales and the critical acclaim will be 
"ok so more of the same."