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Re: Plant and Krauss Favorites For Grammy

Most likely not but given the amount of airplay rotation both the
music video and track will be receiving over the next few weeks with
this free piggyback promotion in the media, I would imagine they would
all receive a healthy royalty cheque (US: check)  at the end of the

Robert Plant: "Please Read The Letter was an old song that me and
Jimmy Page wrote together post-Led Zeppelin, and it's been given that
Nashville touch, and it feels pretty good."

I think both versions are good.


2009/2/9 Wyatt Brake <wyattbrake@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Like many of you probably did, I wondered what Jimmy Page must be
> thinking when Please Read The Letter won Record of the Year.  Plant
> did the right thing by crediting Page during his acceptance.  I was
> also curious whether Page, Charlie Jones, and Michael Lee (his
> family/estate) receive anything because the song won that award.  I'm
> guessing not, but I have no idea.  Someone said something to the
> effect of "Jimmy doesn't care about that stuff", which really sounds
> like a 'sour grapes' kind of comment.  Of course Jimmy would care if
> he had won such a thing, just like he accepted his OBE, Zep's Lifetime
> Achievement Grammy, and inductions into various Halls of Fame... and
> Page is eminently capable of capturing such an award for his own work
> now if he would ever put something out.  I just looked it up - Santana
> took home EIGHT Grammys for his 2000 album Supernatural, for which he
> collaborated with a small army of big name acts.  You can bet that if
> Page put an album out this year/next year and it received nominations,
> he would be there - and the way the Grammys work, he would likely win.