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Re: Fw: australia

In their cars? Ohhhh man.......that is horrible. Don't get stuck in your car andy.....hoping you know some back roads...:) If it comes to that.

I'll be thinkin bout you and your family and everyone down there.

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This is very scary stuff! I hear that a lot of these poeple who died were trapped in their cars. Please take care and leave early if you need to. But I hope it doesn't come to that!

Zeppelin Mad a écrit :
Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your concern - the need for water has got a whole lot more important in the last 24 hours.

Melbourne hit 49 degrees yesterday and the worst bush fires ever. I've never experience heat like that - you actually felt like your skin was burning - like a hot hair dryer in your face drying your eyes.
And then the wind - unbelievable.

The fires have been raging all day - 86 dead - the closest front to my home is 10K away - friends I know have evacuated - a whole town (near where I took my boys camping two weeks ago) - has gone - completely burnt to the ground - scary stuff.

I never thought we'd be so close to it - but the whole area is now on "ember" alert - no sleep tonight I fear - car is ready for a swift get away...


Being an athiest, at least I'll know if I'm wrong.
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