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Ok, I could go in for hours about this guy. The worlds best singer IMHP without a doubt. Much maligned by his peers for decades as the man who helped create what they called "Cock Rock". Yeah, I apologize to the list but this is the term once used to describe the music of Led Zeppelin. Robert helped create it and lived a musical life of malign by many of his peers because of it. Who by the way pail in comparison in shear talent. But they never had the balls to admit it. And tonight I was once again listening to a cut from a somewhat obscure album called "Far From Enough" by Viktor Krauss, brother of Alison Krauss. On this album he covered Big Log, with Alison playing violin and singing. I have to say it is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of one of Roberts Best solo pieces and should be listened to by anyone out there who has not heard it.
So my point, if there is indeed one...
I cannot condemn Robert for his decision to do what he is doing. I just can't. He has teamed with someone who really knows his voice but in a different way. And he has finally received the acknowledgment of the music world at large for his talent. An acknowledgement long deserved. So from me to you Robert. You deserved these awards long, long ago, and finally you get them. Kudos to you my man. Sing free and sing often, 'cause god knows, you can sing!!