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Plant-Bashing, Robert Plant, Apologists... Warning: Long Post Ahead

So here comes a post from me.  So I guess you all know where this is
going.  I'm gonna line myself right up with Steve and Nech and the
others behind them.  Everyone also knows that this is going to be an
exceptionally long post (I'm always long-winded when it comes to
Plant), so I hope you have your coffee, or your alcohol, or maybe even
your dinner with you while you're reading.  If not, at least put on a
Zeppelin bootleg.  Might I suggest Texas Pop Festival (been on my
playlist for a while now lately... fucking LOVE this show!)?  Might
actually be over before your done reading... :D

Anyways, on to the soap-box:

Eddie, I'm not gonna tell you to "fuck off" or "go fuck yourself" and
I'm not going to call you names because I've never met you, you seem
like a cool guy, and as much as I disagree with you, I respect your

But this was uncalled for:
I must be reading different articles to everyone else.

Plant to me has always been very clear to me.  Maybe I'm just smarter
than everyone else or maybe I'm just as big a ass as Plant is (in the eyes
of most people on this list it seems.)

He said it was a one off he said he wasn't against more shows but only i
f it was for something special (sorry fans have to realize you aren't that
special.  Don't like it go cry to your mommy) and he said doesn't want to
be a rock star anymore.

Sounds clear to me always have.

Of course I'm not drudging up what he might have said in oh uh 1989 or what

Things move on but apparently not on this list.


In response I'd have to quote Steve and say leave FBO and go join
ManicNirvana.  Actually... no.  Leave FBO for the official site.
'Cause, truth is, the official site is actually a Robert Plant forum
in disguise.  Despite the fact that I respect some of those members
(almost all of whom also belong to Planet Zeppelin and may or may not
belong to FBO), I am sick and tired of their consistent desire to
flame the ashes of anyone who DARES bash Plant over there.

Lee, you said this:
I refuse to accept the mantle of "Plant Apologist" as that implies I
think the man has done something wrong.  Yes he has done things I
don't like and wish were different but that doesn't mean they were
wrong for him.

This is not what makes you a Plant apologist.  What makes you a Plant
apologist is if your willing to write off his remarks (such as when he
called Led Zeppelin a boy band, or his rather childish write-off of
Page, Jones, and Jason as "some people have to eat" or whatever he
said) as "oh, it's just that Plant humor only us Plant-fans get.  You
know, an 'in-crowd' thing."  I would not call you personally an
apologist, though, because even you admit that Plant has done things
you don't like.  Plant apologists usually don't.  If they can't find
an already existing reason to like every single little thing Plant
says and/or does, they will invent their own reason, no matter how
ridiculous it may seem to everyone else (except, of course, for other
Plant apologists, who will eat it up).  Using this criteria, I can
surely call Eddie an apologist, but not you, Lee.

Now, is an apologist a bad thing?

No!  I am a PROUD Led Zeppelin-apologist, and you know what?  I will
GLADLY apologize for Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, and maybe even
Jason Bonham, too, if I have to.  In fact, I'd say every single Led
Zeppelin fan in the world is an apologist because don't we all find
ways to forgive Led Zeppelin for (let's face it) blatantly ripping off
past artists without crediting them?  Come on, people.  How many times
have you tried to explain away things like Dazed and Confused, Black
Mountain Side, and Whole Lotta Love?  Be honest.  I do it every time.
Whenever I go to Amazon and see a review on a Led Zeppelin album about
how Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin ripped off Jake Holmes, Bert Jansch (or
was it Davey Graham?), Willie Dixon, etc, I proudly respond (even if I
see it in 2008 and the review is from 1999) explaining it away,
apologizing for Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin.  We all do it, even if we
don't mean to do it.

So, Eddie, I, personally, don't fault you for being a Plant apologist.
 I accuse you of being one, yes, as do Steve and others.  It may even
get on my nerves (like it does at .com).  But that doesn't make it
bad.  So you like Plant.  So you respect him.  More power to you.

But can't you also, at the very least, understand that not everybody
shares your like and respect of Plant?  What makes everyone hate Plant
apologists like yourself is your constant desire to FLAME THE ASHES of
anyone and everyone who bashes Plant.

Do you know why I bash Plant?  Because the Plant of Led Zeppelin and
the Plant of the solo years are two utterly and completely different
people.  The Plant of Led Zeppelin couldn't see doing anything else
(he said so), whereas the solo-years-Plant "supposedly" wants nothing
to do with it (I say "supposedly" because he does tend to try and cash
in on Led Zeppelin despite claiming to move on).  Honestly, if I had a
time machine, I would find a way to lock Led Zeppelin's Plant and
Post-Zeppelin's Plant in an empty room just to see what happens (two
outcomes: 1. one of them is killed or 2. we finally get our Led
Zeppelin reunion.  I'd bet on the first outcome... sorry).

The Post-Zeppelin Plant severely pisses me off, mainly because he
claims to be moving on, and yet he sits in a past from even before Led
Zeppelin!  He claims to be moving on, and yet there is he is, playing
horrible (yes, horrible) reworks of Zeppelin classics (yes, I know, so
does Page and Jones and even Jason, but none of them have ever claimed
to have "moved on," and their versions aren't bad reworks).  He claims
to be moving on, but his outing with Alison Krauss (and I actually
LIKE it!) is covers from pre-Zeppelin, Page/Plant (Please Read the
Letter), and not surprisingly, Led Zeppelin (though I must admit I
have a certain affinity for the way Alison sings the female part of
Battle of Evermore.  In fact, if anyone who has a very large
collection of Plant/Krauss bootlegs could make me a Plant/Krauss
Battle of Evermore compilation, I'd be greatly indebted to you... and
no, I'm NOT kidding).  He says he doesn't want to do Led Zeppelin
anymore and yet he does Led Zeppelin and continues to do Led Zeppelin.

And no matter how you look at it, Plant USED the O2 Reunion to help
his Plant/Krauss stint get off the ground.  If you want proof, the
fact is the spotlight during the P/K stint has been on Plant and
whether or not he'll tour with Led Zeppelin, and his "official
statement" only came out AFTER the hype finally started dying down,
which says to me he did it simply to keep Raising Sand on the charts.
Don't believe me, just look at it's time on the charts... came in hard
during the O2 reunion, started to die, got really low, then just after
his "official announcement," spiked again.  Coincidence?  I think not!
 And, quite frankly, as much as I like Plant/Krauss (more for Alison
Krauss, who I've become a HUGE fan of) and as much as I want to see
what those two can WRITE together, the whole collaboration will be no
more then a footnote in music history.  Sure, it has a lot of fans,
but it also has a lot of people, many who are fans of both Plant and
Krauss (and also T-Bone Bernette and the other musicians) who think
this album failed miserably.  Then you have people who say they like
but can't find a real reason why, and soon it'll be in their CD-cases,
but won't make it to their iPod playlists.  These are the apologists.

I cannot respect a man who says one thing and does the exact opposite.
 Yes, I admit, the only way Plant will make me happy is to agree to a
Led Zeppelin reunion and maybe one more Led Zeppelin album with new
music.  Of COURSE I don't want him to do it if his heart isn't in it,
because I also want it to be GOOD.  But that is how he will make me
happy.  Obviously I don't expect him to do it for me, and I don't
expect him to change his mind for my feelings, because, who am I to
him?  He's the famous one with lots of money, and I'm just some fan on
a list enjoying music from a past I wasn't even a part of (so one
could say I'M stuck in the past, and a past I wasn't even alive for).

However, neither he nor anyone else should expect me to start
respecting him and liking him just because I like Led Zeppelin, Jimmy
Page, and John Paul Jones.  I realize that my little feelings aren't
going to make him change his mind, but since he won't, neither will I.

And you, Eddie, as well as all other Plant-fans, simply need to accept
that.  Both you and I and Steve and Nech and all others on FBO like
Led Zeppelin, right?  We can all agree that Led Zeppelin is one of, if
not THE greatest band in the history of music (not just rock, not just
blues... but MUSIC), right?  So how about we agree to disagree on
Plant and unite over our mutual admiration for Led Zeppelin?  Led
Zeppelin is what brought us all together in the first place.  Not
Plant, not Page, not Jones, and not Bonham (neither John nor Jason),
but Led Zeppelin.  We can all agree on Led Zeppelin and, quite
frankly, that should be enough.  Let Plant go.  Respect him or hate
him as we will, but I don't think our feelings on the individual
members should tear us apart.

I have no respect for Post-Zep Plant.  You, Eddie, do.  Good.  Great.
I agree to disagree.  Do you?