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Re: ABB jam Dazed and Confused

Ultimately to tape the show or do instant-live, you have to buy a ticket. To get a show from a taper without torrenting, you have to know someone who bought a ticket. ABB has struck a decent compromise between being totally taper-friendly and protecting their livelihood.

Jim Berry wrote:
First and foremost... Remember this was a charity event to raise money for
Habitat for Humanity in Warren's hometown of Ashville.

The Allmans are very taper friendly. Open taping is allowed at all shows. I
have taped them 20+ times.

They do not allow electronic trading of the recordings. I guess it's because
they feel that person to person trading builds a friendship bond. No
"official" explanation of that policy has been given. Us ABB fans find it
kind of strange too. Still, it's hard to fault a band as taper friendly as
these guys are over a small limitation like this. They really DO care about
the fans.

The Allmans also do instant live stuff at their shows. I doubt the x-mas jam
will be one though. It's Warren Haynes' charity event. There is usually and
official release of the Jam at some point. I would expect to be able to buy
that sometime in 6 months or so. Proceeds from that go to the same charity.

If you want a copy of the show I suggest going to their website and looking
through the guestbook. I am sure somebody there will have it and trade it to
you for nothing more than a B&P.