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Re: NZC - Neil Young @ Madison Square Garden

Mr. Bayer!

Great photos, man! Some of the best I've seen of NY in a long time. That first one, frankly, is pro-quality goodness. I know a first-rate concert shot when I see one.

I'm just sittin' here on my ass in Greenwich Village wondering how I've become so lazy/clueless as to miss these Neil shows up the street at the Garden. Sigh... My loss. In the last half-decade I've truly come to appreciate NY for the genius and groundbreaker he was/is. It took me a while---even though I first saw him back in '78. Anyway, never thought I'd agree with a Gallagher on fookin' anything, but Noel's SPIN quote's on the money, innit?: "He's still got it. And most importantly, he still means it." Mind you, I think the same is true of Page, but I need to feel/see/hear some physical/ocular/aural evidence of this. Soon, Jimmy. Okay? Real soon...

Love ya,


Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 20:36:41 -0500
From: Jonathan Bayer <jonathanbayer@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: NZC - Neil Young @ Madison Square Garden

Sorry about all the NZC - this is the last one.
Spin magazine liked my photos and asked if they could use a few in a
review (online)-- I just take them for fun, but its nice to know that
someone likes them!