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Re: Jimmy Page show on Dime (radio broadcast from Cleveland '88)

I went to that show! - well I went to about 12 on that tour - flew over for it. Oh how do I get it? Is it the same recording as "Past and Present?" - I'm panicking now!! I see I have to register and stuff but will it still be there?
Any pointers would be sorely appreciated as always

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Jimmy Page Cleveland Music Hall 10-19-88

Cleveland Music Hall
October 19, 1988
radio broadcast A+

radio>trade cassette>cdr>wav>flac level 8> TLH checksum> torrent> you

Disc 1

01. Who's To Blame
02. Over The Hills
03. Rites Of Winter / Tear Down The Walls
04. Emerald Eyes
05. Midnight Moonlight Lady
06 Jimmy Jammin (reprise) Midnight Moonlight Lady
07. In My Time Of Dying

Disc 2

01. Prison Blues
02. Wastin My Time
03. Custard Pie
04. Black Dog / Train Kept a Rollin
05. Stairway To Heaven