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Re: John Paul Mule - DIRECT DOWNLOAD

Oner - as you know, sound quality judgments are always incredibly
subjective - especially assigning a firm number.  One person's 8 may
be another's 6 or so...

I've only listened to this on my $50 Logitech computer speakers
(stereo speakers plus subwoofer) so far - I haven't burned it yet.  To
my ears, the clarity is quite good, but it is definitely a bit
'boomy'... the guitars and vocals do not seem as prominent as the bass
drum and the bass, which are massive.  But this seems like it would be
remedied easily enough.

Well worth getting in my opinion, since judging by the website, the
"Mule Tracks" (Govt Mule live soundboard recordings available for
sale) tradition seems to be to release highlights from these Christmas
Jam shows, but not the entire recording.



On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 12:21 PM, Oner Ozaylak <oner.ozaylak@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Wyatt & Bruce,
> thank you for your efforts. could you please tell us about sound
> quality? compared to a decent sounboard how would you qualify this
> boot's sound quality out of #10?
> oner
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> Subject: Re: John Paul Mule - DIRECT DOWNLOAD
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> You can get this show here:
> http://www.oldbuckeye.com/boot/mule_jones/