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Re: Yet Another Slam...

Make sure you have the ringing phone sampled and stored!

Do they have a squeaky bass pedal ?

Actually, I'd be interested to hear of how you set up your keyboard to reproduce that 'warbly' sound of Jonesy on NQ. Same goes for Crunge...

And YOU ARE going to get us all a soundboard tape of this gig no?!

And as far as all these slams... I think of it as this way...these are poor souls crying out for attention because if they didn't mention Zeppelin they'd be unheard from period.

As for never ever reforming the Jam...whew Thank God!!! Maybe perhaps if they called it Jelly ? Would that be ok Paul?

sauerlemon@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Lee too said:

"Paul Who?"
so I went and you-
tubed his band,
The Jam

Agreed, Lee. The only other time I heard of Paul Weller was when Jimmy
Page played onstage with him on Feb. 9, 2002 -- see TBL/Web coverage
at http://www.tightbutloose.co.uk/rp090202.html

Here's an online article called "Why Don't Americans Appreciate Paul
Weller?" that has several YouTube clips that I feel like I ought to
check out: http://mog.com/John_From_NJ/blog_post/178265

But not right now I won't! I am spending the day getting ready for a
gig I have tonight, my first gig in Florida since moving here last
month. Along with fellow FBOer Nick, I'm playing keyboard for the
album Houses of the Holy onstage with Classic Albums Live tonight
through Saturday and again next Thursday through Saturday. This band
famously does things note-for-note, so I have some
practicing/transcribing/memorizing to do to nail "No Quarter" and a
few particular encores we're planning on. Anybody in South Florida who
wants to check us out should go to www.ClassicAlbumsLive.com for more
info and then come on out. It should be a really good time!

Steve "The Lemon" Sauer