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Re: One year ago to the day...

But Annnie...the big question...DID YOU WEAR YOUR DRAGON PANTS?????!!!!!!

Of all the people I met there you were perhaps one indeed that can be
described as wrapping yourself around the moment!
Pure adrenaline and a hoot to boot!!!

Thank you for holding onto our cameras and phones while we were at the
rehearsal btw... :) I was wondering where all those text messages were from!

Thanks for sharing...and thanks once again big time for the great job you
did with the Knebworth exhibit.

YOU are indeed a core fan.

Bless you all.... time for me to turn in and watch for the umpteenth time
Led Zeppelin at the O2 as I drift off to sleep....
And you know what...I'm bringing it into work tomorrow!!! Spread some
Zeppelin cheer.

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 a gift of unmeasurable value.

The music will always lend you its magic.  It's a gift
> in whatever form you receive it - rejoice in it!   :)