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Re: One year ago


Thanks for sharing!!!  If you can please do find a way to share some of your
pics, I'd love to see 'em!!!

Wow....how quickly a year goes by!

Hey did you have any of those funky chicken flavored potatoe chips?1 or
crisps as they called them?!?!?
If it wasn't for Tangoman nad his crew that would've been all I had for
dinner that night! Luckily I followed them back to the O2 where we still
managed to get into and close down the Spanish joint.

Man...what would I do to go back in time and do it all again...and
again...and again!!!

And stay outta lurk mode!

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Coming out of lurk mode!!
.  However, when I got back to my hotel room and loaded them on the laptop,
I almost fell off the chair.  Being as close as we were I had captured some
amazing pictures with amazing clarity. I continue to look at them all the

As someone else has mentioned, this experience was right up there with
marriage, and the birth of my children.
I still get chills everytime I listen to the show.  I am brought back
instantly as soon as I here the intro and watching the video just blows me

Sorry for the long post, but today I was brought back in time one year ago.


Sean O