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Fwd: Re: Re: Jimmy Stop it....

Amended to add, don't forget Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes.  Maybe not new music, but does count as working as a musician in my book.

(Sheesh - now I'M tired...)

On Dec 10, 2008, catharinak@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

No Quarter.  Also, Jugula with Roy Harper.

Also, guest appearances on other albums. 

As has been mentioned, re-doing the Zep catalog six ways from Sunday, including saving archived material and releasing it on the DVD and HTWWW.   Mothership for the iTunes set.   Perhaps some involvement with the new official web site, YouTube site, MySpace, etc.   

Also, getting married, having three children, and involving himself with the ABC Trust.  He has personal hobbies too, like being an acknowledged expert on William Burges (member of the original Firm).

Clearly working his ass off in preparation for the O2 show, no?

What a lay about that Jimmy Page is.  [insert rolling eyes smiley here...]


To dare, to will, to remain silent, is magic...

On Dec 10, 2008, Mr1ZoSo@xxxxxxx wrote: