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MMJ pays tribute to Zeppelin on NYE


Steve Bernstein to Join My Morning Jacket on New Year's Eve

Sex Mob slide trumpeter Steve Bernstein will perform with My Morning Jacket on 
New Year's Eve. As previously reported, My Morning Jacket will ring in 2009 
with an "evening with" performance at New York's Madison Square Garden. "It is 
going to be a sequel to the continual New Year's saga that we started in 
2006-2007," Jim James told Jambands.com earlier this year. "So that will be 
part two of our epic Oregon trial saga. We died and ascended to heaven on the 
stairway to heaven. Part two will start in heaven and continue onwards."

My Morning Jacket is also expected to pay tribute to Led Zeppelin during the 
night. While the exact nature of his collaboration is still unknown, Bernstein 
will likely sit in with the group at various points throughout the night, much 
like Jeff Coffin did at Bonnaroo this past June.

In addition to his work with Sex Mob and Millennial Terrritory Orchestra, 
Bernstein has spent a good portion of the last year on the road with the Levon 
Helm Band. He will join the drummer for a Midnight Ramble this Saturday.