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Re: Hey, Jimmy: Get on with it. Turn your back on Led Zeppelin.

From: "Nech" <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> WOW! Talk about taking "crossed lines" and dotting the i's!!!!
> ( Confused? see archives  Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 9:42 AM
> http://www.zoso.net/fbo_archives/index.html )
> Deep thoughts and only a couple of things to add...

> Great post Steve and yes I remember vcr's. Still have
> one...as a matter of fact still have my original release of TSRTS.
> Still have and always will many vhs tapes. Some which back then I
> treasured like Indiana Jones artifacts only now to find them on that 2*3
> inch screen scream called youtube on demand, at will, free of charge...
> Who would have ever thought it ?
> sauerlemon@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > As we go deeper
> > Defending the work of Led Zeppelin is a task that is unending. But
> > your work as Jimmy Page the artist is for a limited time only. You
> > must act now.
> >
> I have been muttering this mantra for years now. Jimmy, your skills are
> too important and unequaled to just be sitting round trying to be keeper
> of the flame of Zeppelin. The Flames of Albion... First and foremost you
> are a musician, a composer , a true master of your domain. Life is too
> short and time waits for no man... it moves on. You too should move on.
> I too once thought I had to have that perfect foil to work with, that
> ultimate muse... if I had stuck to those beliefs I would not be where I
> am today. Happily married with a wonderful family...had I stuck to the
> former, I can picture divorce, alimony and misery. Any regrets??? Hell no.
> Ever onward Jimmy....Ever onward. I'll be there for you. Always have,
> always will.
> > Devoted fans are standing by.
> >
> > Steve "The Lemon"
> > (with gratefulness to Nech, who inspired much of this)
> My work here is done... for today! ; )