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RE: 1975 sbd's

Well this is all conjecture but I think these are coming from someone who
was part of the Showco crew in 75 or someone who knew someone who was part
of the crew on the 75 tour.

Why?  Well because of what Peter Grant said during an interview in the post
Zeppelin years.  He was being questioned about how tough and forbidable he
was back in the day and he make a comment along these lines (I am paraphra
sing here somewhat since I don't have the interview handy) "I couldn't
have been that mean because someone from the Showco crew on the 75 tour lost
a box of soundboard tapes we made and I never did give him a bollocking
for it"

Did it happen? I reckon so.  Grant wouldn't have been so specific so I
think a box of tapes was "lost".

Hence my opinion is that someone from the crew or someone that knew someone
on the crew during the 75 tour has had these for some time and now they are 
coming out.
Most likely since they are all on EV they are being sold to
EV and EV are drip feeding them to the market to maximize profits.

I have never been one to believe that Page has been drip feeding them to the
market.  It is not his style.  He might not be busting balls over it but
I doubt he's giving the ok.

I think we will be seeing more 75 tapes over the next few years.


> From: mark.harrison33@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
> Subject: 1975 sbd's
> Date: Tue 2 Dec 2008 12:55:41 +0000
> Sorry if this has been on here before but  if I can ask the question was it
> ever established for definite where these are all coming from?
> Did I hear for instance that the "Main Man" was "drip-feeding" these out to
> the public domain in secret? Is that correct?
> I have to ask because WHERE have they been? This new Nassau show is just
> more than excellent
> Bring on some Japanese shows of the same quality I say! (greedy I am
> not!!)Another question. Is there a Paris 1973/75 sounboard in existence?
> cheers
> Mark