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Anybody know a good Hendrix historian? - got a weird one (NZC)

Hey All,

Here's one for the surreal-o-meter.

Chatting with me mum down in Tulsa, Oklahoma when she tells me she has to go 
and clean the house before her cleaning lady gets there.  
Yeah, I know... moms.  I didn't even touch that one.
Anyway, then she says, "Oh, you might think this is neat.  She used to be 
married to Jimmy Page or somebody."

Course my jaw hits the floor and I pee a little bit.  "Not a chance, are you 
"Maybe that other Jimi guy," she says.  
My response, "You mean Hendrix?  Can't be....  What's her name?"

"Lynn Mitchell".

I checked, sure enough Mitch was married to a Lynn Mitchell.
Anybody know what happened to her, or have an archival photo of her that I can 
email my Mom to confirm?
Want to get my facts straight before respectfully approaching & becoming Mrs. 
Mitchell's best friend and confidant.  *_*

All the best,
~ Brian