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RE: Private tapes of Jimmy for Auction?!

I'll try my best Nech :-)...

Actually I think these will probably be session job type recordings which means 
Page was a hired hand and therefore doesn't have much control over these.  

Of course if its Yardbirds recordings that'll be a different story.


> Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 09:39:20 -0400
> From: tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
> Subject: Private tapes of Jimmy for Auction?!
> Check this out...
>> Legendary music producer Joe Meek's private recording collection is to
>> be auctioned off.
>> The thousands of tapes include unheard recordings of Tom Jones, Jimmy
>> Page and David Bowie as singer and saxophone player with the Konrads.
>> The collection of over 5,000 recordings has been added to the It's
>> More Than Rock And Roll sale to be held at London's Idea Generation
>> Gallery on Thursday September 4. Their estimated value is £300,000.

> Hey Eddie & other UK-ers... fetch some of these babies for me will ya ?
> However...remember when Eddie Kramer tried to sell "his" tapes of Zep
> and that got squashed ? I wonder what the deal is gonna be here...
> Some of these early pre-Zep & Yardbirds Jimmy tapes would be a real
> treat IMO!!!