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Re: Zep photos by Peter Stupar

True, just several out of the whole batch... I thought there was something in the commentaries that I might have missed.

Gotta admit the one group shot from Oakland with all 4, I love the ultra dark shades Bonzo has on. Never noticed that before.

oldstyle5150@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

There seemed to only be pics of Page and Plant. Bonzo and Jonesy were
hard to locate.

On 8/26/08, Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Heh ?

oldstyle5150@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

That's funny. I always thought that there were 4 members of Led Zeppelin.

On 8/26/08, Brian DuPont <luddite00@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey All,

Buddy of mine sent me this link:


Some great photos of Zep as well as other bands.

~ Brian