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Re: Shame on the BBC!

A "Single" anyone???
I'd lay money........
Mark H

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I can see why it had to be sync'd. Even the choir singing earlier was clearly mimed. I don't think they wanted to leave it to chance with oh say a billion people watching :-)

At least the BBC didn't speak over the intro - WTF is wrong with those other presenters?? You can't talk over the opening riff of WLL! - and yeah the sound could have been better.

However, despite all that I still think it was great IMO. I enjoyed it alot. I recorded it on my eyeTV USB thingy on my Imac and already watched it a few times. All the negatives still don't bother me.


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Well, in the US at least - the mix was dreadful. Bob Costas talked over the opening riff and after that you could hardly make out the guitar.

I'm not going to say it was a mistake because it was cool to see Jimmy there, but the whole presentation was kind of lame. The actual musical mix was pretty bad with the guitar buried, and then there was the miming/syncing....

I don't know. I guess my expectations were too high. I thought after seeing it on youtube it would be better. The sound killed it for me. Jimmy looked cool... Or actually quite warm.... He was sweating a lot in that jacket and what looked like a satin shirt.

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"Singer Leona Lewis and former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page
emerged as the bus transformed into a grass-covered carnival float,
and the pair combined for a rendition of "Whole Lotta Love"."

Whaddaya mean, "former"?!?!!

By the way, if the performance wasn't mimed/lip-synched, I guess poor
Guy Pratt and  were stuck somewhere inside the bus?
Although, strangely, somebody popped up later playing an acoustic bass.