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RE: Stephen Davis to do G&R

I have the September playboy and there is a portion of his book, in there. Not 
bad writing but you are correct below.  Also they talk about some craphole they 
lived near an alley in Hollywood. 


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chapter 1 : booze

chapter 2: cocaine

chapter 3: heroin

chapter 4: sex

chapter 5: sex, drugs, dildos

chspter 6: sex, drugs, dildos ,groupies, Slash's hat

chapter 7: Slash's hat used for dildo,vodka, speedball & syriinge storage

chapter 8: chinese democracy

chapter 9: chinese democracy

chapter 10: chinese democracy, headbands and heroin

chapter 11: chinese democracy

chapter 12: chinese democracy & crowley

chapter 13: 13 reasons why axl hates everyone

chapter 14: chinese democracy 

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Quote: ""Stephen writes with elegance about rock 'n' roll," says Danny 

Says the elephant about the walruss... sorry couldn't resist!

Buckeye a crit :
> http://www.boston.com/ae/books/articles/2008/08/23/appetite_for_description/