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Re: here it is!

Yea I wish I would not have watched it now myself. The first link was totally unwatchable actually as I could not hear much of anything that resembled WLL..The second was better but could not hear Jimmy's guitar very well. (maybe my old puter speakers)

Now all I need to do is get real drunk today and maybe by the time it airs here in the States I will have killed those brain cells that are housing the sounds I just heard. :)
Well its a plan anyway....


Don't watch the clips. Watch it at home. It'll be more powerful. I watched the entire friggin ceremony to see Page and its kind of cool how it all builds up.

Wait for it.  You'll be happier.


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Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 12:07:23 -0400

Soooo tempted to watch the clips, but holding out till tonite to watch it on
my big tv and home stereo ...speaking of...running out to get a fiber to
hook up my fios to my home system. I mean, I really should have done that
awhile ago anyways... too bad about it being a Sunday and the blue laws
round here, might be forced to temporarily disconnect my dvd...

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Damn it's great to see Jimmy out there and enjoying himself. The sound
was crappy but that intro riff sounded HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! PHAT, or
whatever they're calling humongous these days!

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