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Olympic Breakfast - with Jimmy!!!

Woo hoo!!!  I'm getting ready to go off to Knebworth today, and the
telly is on while I', pottering around - when who appears?  Dr
Jimmy!!!  He gave a lovely interview about being really excited to
take part in the Closing Ceremony.  He also said if he were to be in
the Games, he would have been a hurdler - apparently he was pretty
quick in his teens.  Oh yeah...is there no end to his awesomeness?  No
there isn't!!!

So, he says WLL is the song and it has a new arrangement but still
recognisable with the riff and all.  He looks gorgeous and happy!  I
however noe have to re-do the mess I made of my makeup wahen he came

I'll miss the performance first time around being at the House, but
I'll catch it on the replay later tonight.  For everyone that can
catch it, enjoy!  You go Dr Jimmy!  Blow them all away!

What a fab start to the day!!!!